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Jamille and Dominicque met in 2012.  Their first date was at the B Side poetry night. He was already performing poetry when they met but he did not perform that night. She did however wonder why so many people knew him including the host shouting him out for the night. They had their first kiss that night as well. On their third date is when she learned that he was a poet and he performed for her. Needless to say she was very impressed. Nine months into dating, Jamille came home from work to Dominicque sharing a poem she had written that day. He was quite surprised and impressed.


Dominicque had been writing poetry since middle school but never shared that with him. He was hosting a show one night and made it a point to get her on stage to perform. She was well received by the crowd but never thought it would be the beginning of something later. A year after dating they were engaged. Jamille had written the signature poem SoulTies for Dominicque and used it as part of a show to propose to her.


While preparing for their wedding their photographer Desmond CEO of "Eye of the Storm Productions" asked Dominicque to write in response to Jamille's poem Soulties. This was put to an engagement video invite and became their signature poetry piece. They were married on July 12, 2014. The guests at the wedding were seated as Soulties was playing over the loudspeaker. Jamille gave his oldest daughter a ring at the wedding as Dominicque became his wife. A year later they welcomed their youngest daughter. After another year, they became an official business as LoveTies LLC after performing on many stages together. The Journey of LoveTies has been one that has grown in both love and artistry. Loveties has a future with a neverending storyline, so I hope you enjoy a good read because this love is poetic. 

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