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A'C.R.E.W. Artists Creatively Recognizing Everyone's Worth is an award winning collective of vocalists, poets, hip hop artists, comedians, photographers, models, producer and entrepreneurs that showcase productions of performance art. They exist to inspire all creatives to embrace their talents.

The birth of A'C.R.E.W. came about when Dave Johnson decided to put together a showcase in 2019 called The Art of Storytelling: Poetry vs. R&B. This was the first time this group of artists came together in a battle of music and poetry. Needless to say the chemistry between them made the show amazing. Due to the success of The Art of Storytelling they decided to form a group that would perform productions under the moniker of Poetry vs. R&B. The name A'C.R.E.W. came about because they want to embrace all creatives looking to follow their dreams in the arts.  In 2020 This amazing group of talented individuals has grown into an official business of ACREW LLC. 

A'CREW has put on many productions locally, nationally and internationally. In 2024 they accepted the award for Artists of the Year from the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. As a collective the ultimate goal of every production is to provide an unforgettable experience that will touch the mind, heart and soul of their audience. Dominicque is a poet and business manager for A'CREW. Jamille is one of two creative directors for A'CREW. 


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Tel: 216-835-0335

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